Why firms should have more safety measures in place to combat product recalls

With large tech companies such as Apple and Nvidia recalling batches of their products, Stericycle a leader in product recalls, has found recalls have been on an upward trend since 2003.

According to RAPEX data, Stericycle found that 88 per cent of them are being classified in the most serious threat category.

Even though this trend is on the rise, Stericycle has reported that total recalls and notifications have decreased in the second quarter of 2015, with significant drops in the consumer and automotive sectors.

The Q2 2015 Index, which is based on data from the EU’s RAPEX and RASFF rapid alert systems, found that there were a total of 1,158 recalls in the quarter.

And it’s no wonder that figure is so high, Nvidia issued a voluntary recall for its range of Shield tablets earlier this month, after the firm discovered that the batteries used inside were a potential fire hazard.

Plus, Apple recently revealed it will be recalling a batch of its iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, due to issues with the device’s camera.

Farzad Henareh, European VP of Stericycle said: “Whilst we are pleased to see consumer recall numbers decreasing in Q2, we continue to believe that a joint effort must be made between all stakeholders to ensure consistent and effective product safety.

“We believe that this will be the main thrust of the government review, which is due to be published in the autumn. One of the key areas of focus must be product classification, which is highly complicated by new regulations, emerging technologies, and country-specific requirements.”

The fact that these recalls are dropping proves that more safety measures are being put in place by firms, but more still needs to be done to ensure tech devices are not a hazard to consumers.

For example, EE also had to recall a number of its power bars earlier this year, after customers found that their device was overheating.

Farzad added: “There needs to be a very high level of responsibility taken by all stakeholders to ensure the safe use of their product.”

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