New eBay rival hopes to combat counterfeit tech and expensive delivery charges

Cross-border shipping is on the rise, with many tech etailers like NewEgg already shipping from the US to the UK and around the world.

Hard-to-find products can be ordered direct from the likes of China on big e-commerce sites such as eBay.

Now there’s a new alternative on the market: New York-based Big Apple Buddy focuses on top new tech gadgets (such as Apple Watch), shipping from the US to 190 countries. 

The site describes itself as an shopping concierge that helps international consumers buy the latest technology items direct from US online stores. 

The e-commerce company says there are still ‘many barriers’ for international customers using sites like eBay, and says its offering rectifies them.

"Global shoppers interested in the latest tech gadgets ­- whether it¹s the Apple Watch, Hello Sense Sleep Tracker, Soundhawk Hearing Device or Seek Thermal Camera – often turn to eBay, but that remains an imperfect solution," the company said in a statement.

"Counterfeit merchandise abounds, shipping charges can be expensive, after sales service may not exist and many sellers are limited in the countries they can ship to. There is now a new alternative to access the US tech market."

It went on: "For example, counterfeit goods remain a risk when buying from eBay sellers. As a result, consumers may pay high-end prices, sometimes well above retail price, but receive a poor quality, or possibly even illegal imitation items. Big Apple Buddy only buys items through reputable US stores such as Amazon and Best Buy, ensuring shoppers receive authentic goods, often in as little as two to four business days.

"With return policies set by individual sellers, buying from eBay is no guarantee of having a store stand behind the purchase. This means that if an item is defective, the consumer has no recourse. Because Big Apple Buddy only buys authentic goods, it can also help with manufacturer warranty returns and repairs.

"Finally, eBay listings may not be available to shoppers everywhere around the world. Because shipping is handled on a seller by seller basis, shoppers often run into eBay sellers that do not ship to their particular country. Big Apple Buddy, on the other hand, has partnered with FedEx, DHL and UPS."

Big Apple Buddy says it has helped customers around the world buy exclusive items, like the Apple Watch, direct from America, with its clients mostly busy professionals who want the latest tech products.

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