‘Price is key to VR success – it must not become a bloodbath on Amazon’

The channel must not participate in a race to the bottom on the price of virtual reality headsets if the new technology is to prosper, says UK gaming system builder YoYoTech.

When asked if virtual reality is key to the future of PC gaming, YoYoTech MD CK told PCR: "I think we all want it to be. I think eventually it will get there one day – we all like virtual reality.

"There will be [revenue] opportunities, let’s wait and see. I think vendors need to be smart how they launch the headsets. There needs to be product loyalty. Gaming is more community-based – I hope it doesn’t become another product which is a bloodbath from Amazon or something like that, because what do Amazon give back to the community? Nothing.

"So I just hope the community realises how important it is for them to support local vendors and local factories, because without that, the gaming would not have grown to this level that it’s at today. The bigger beast always just wants to sell and tries not to give anything back. It’s all about them but not the passion. But for gaming to grow to the next level, the passion needs to remain there."

However, system builders are remaining positive over the technology on the whole.

PC Specialist sales and marketing manager John Medley added: "There are a number of interesting launches on the horizon, with VR probably being the most interesting at the moment. However, VR is looking like it could be quite demanding on the hardware, so if VR kicks off in a big way it could really ramp up the sales of the high-end gaming systems."

Chillblast’s Ben Miles commented: "VR is the future. Chillblast has been leading the way in demonstrating VR at shows and events, with everything from gaming and other real-world uses being developed.

"We’ve showcased some incredibly combat flight simulators using oculus with a never-before-seen sense of realism, likewise its possibilities for training in other hazardous environments like under water or medical uses are only now being realised."

The Oculus Rift is the most talked about VR headset which is due to launch in Q1 2016, but there are a variety of other headsets on the way too. Read our guide on VR headsets for more information.

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