All businesses WILL be hacked

All of today’s companies are at risk from a successful attack on their IT systems, according to Wick Hill’s chairman, Ian Kilpatrick.

“It’s widely acknowledged that it’s no longer a question of if you will be breached, but when,” said Kilpatrick in a recent blog.

He believes that while everyone is at risk, certain types of firms are being selectively targeted over others.

While larger enterprises usually have bigger security budgets and security teams, it is the mid-range or boutique organisations that may be hit harder as they’re seen as a ‘soft route’.

“Professional services organisations such as law firms, accountancy and audit firms, management consultants, M&A advisers and recruitment companies are now being targeted because of the valuable and confidential information which they may hold on their clients, and more importantly, because they can provide a back-door entry into those clients’ systems,” explained Kilpatrick.

“If you’re providing data to your professional advisers, and it is market-critical or highly confidential, then it’s clearly a good time to review their levels of security,” he warned.

“It’s also sensible to check on what security reporting they are able to provide you with to verify their security procedures are succeeding. For professional services providers, this is an opportunity for those who have strong security credentials to differentiate themselves from the many who currently do not.”

Check out our dedicated Business Security section to find out everything you need to know about the state of IT security, what you can do to protect your business and if offering security services is right for you.

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