ASRock launches new Skylake motherboards

After Intel unveiled its brand new Sklyake processors at Gamescom, ASRock has launched a series of new motherboards featuring the new processors.

The firm has developed a range featuring high-end and low-end motherboards, designed for gaming featuring the Intel Z170 processor.

ASRock continues its three motherboard product lines, including the Extreme, Gaming and OC Formula Series.

The Extreme Series boasts a range of high performance motherboards, specifically designed for designers and enthusiasts.

The Z170 Extreme7+ (pictured above right) heads up the selection, which features four PCIe Gen3 x16 slots. It also comes with three SATA Express ports and three Ultra M.2 slots that support ASRock’s U.2 Kit and Intel 750 SSDs.

In addition, the new Z170 GamingK6+ (pictured above) leads the Gaming Series, which features Purity Sound 3 audio. It also comes with a front USB 3.1 panel, along with SATA Express ports.

Lastly, the OC Formula Series makes up the last of the range, with the Z170 OC Formula board (pictured above) which holds DDR4 DIMM slots that can reach speeds of up to 4,000MHz.

Prices for the range start from £136 to £347, with various distributors including Entatech, Spire Technology and Target Components, all distributing the motherboards.

This news comes after US prices and images of the Skylake processors were leaked online.

Image source: ASRock

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