Windows 10 usage share climbs as Windows 8.1 dips

Usage of Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) Windows 10 has grown since its launch in July, according to analyst StatCounter.

The analyst measured how active Windows 10 users have been on the internet, which stood at 3.2 per cent last week.

A week before that it stood at 0.6 per cent, so says Stat Counter, which measures market share by counting the popularity of operating systems hitting web servers.

While Windows 10 saw an uptake, Windows 8.1 has seen a slight slump, dipping from 16.45 per cent share to 14.93 per cent, reports The Register.

Similarly, Windows 7 declined by 54.41 per cent to 53.8 per cent, while Windows 8 fell from 3.6 per cent to 3.46 per cent.

Windows 10 reached 14 million devices during the first day of its launch, and Microsoft has said it will be rolling out the OS in stages to its customers.

This news comes after a Reddit user revealed that his wife found his entire porn collection on his PC following the free update to Windows 10.

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