John McAfee arrested for driving under the influence with a handgun

Security expert John McAfee has been arrested for driving under the influence while in possession of a handgun.

The ex boss of security software firm McAfee was arrested in Tennessee on Sunday night after taking a prescription drug called Xanax.

McAfee didn’t seem to fazed by the incident though, who can be seen with a wide grin in his recent mugshot taken by Tennessee police.

According to The Register the security mogul said in an email sent on Tuesday evening: “Yes, I was arrested while under the influence of Xanax. It was a brand new prescription received the same day of the arrest, and the physician neglected to warn me about driving while taking it.

"As to the weapons, I always carry them and, unless one is impaired, they are legal to possess and carry."

News channel WBBJ first reported the news, stating that McAfee was picked up on Highway 22, and was arrested on Sunday night.

McAfee has since been released from custody following the arrest.

This news comes after McAfee spoke at this year’s Infosecurity event, where he discussed new threats in the security channel as well as sharing his views on various hacking scandals.

Image source: The Jackson Sun

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