New watch lets users attach an Apple Watch to create a double-sided timepiece

A luxury watchmaker is now offering users a dual faced watch, featuring the Apple Watch.

Nico Gerard is developing the watch hybrid that boasts two faces, so users can see the time on both sides of their arm.

On one side of the bracelet sits a normal watch face, while on the other side you can find an additional Apple Watch, complete with all of its well-known functions.

But these new variants will set you back by about $9,500 (£6,088), alternatively if you fancy getting your hands on the 18-karat gold edition then you’ll need $112,000 (£71,780).

However, consumers have expressed concern about wearing a watch with two faces, as the face that sits facedown will likely be exposed to more scratches.

This news comes after a new Apple patent revealed that Apple Watch users may be able to exchange data by shaking hands.

Elsewhere, rumours have suggested that Apple may be updating its line-up of iMacs with improved processors and displays.

Image source: Nico Gerard

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