Knowing multiple coding languages could increase your salary by ?4,500

Being proficient in a second coding language could increase the average developer’s salary by £4,500 a year, according to new research by Greythorn.

The specialist technology recruiter has found that a bilingual coder earns on average 10 per cent more than ‘single language’ coders.

Across the course of a working career this amounts to extra earnings of at least £252,000 for one professional in the IT sector.

“IT and technology has, and always will be, a sector with a skills gap because programming and coding evolve too quickly for training and courses to encapsulate relevant information for long enough,” said Garie Dale, Director UK at Greythorn.

“This means IT professionals must always be looking ahead to the next anticipated technological trend. They can enjoy a healthy salary uplift of 10 per cent where they have mastered multiple coding languages – which highlights the personal benefits of sharpening skills in more than one area.

“The UK currently ranks 19th globally for its digital skills training, falling behind the likes of the USA, Germany and Japan – something that needs to change.

It is essential employers provide opportunities for training, not only to ensure they have the most knowledgeable teams working for them, but they help keep UK PLC at the forefront of digital advances.”

Image source: Shutterstock

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