IBM unveils smallest chips with 7-nanometre transistors

IBM has revealed its newly designed chip that packs four times as much computing power as other computer chips currently on the market.

The announcement has revealed that IBM has scaled down the size of the transistors within the new chips, with the possibility of creating them at seven nanometres in size.

Today’s chips from the likes of Intel and Samsung are built using transistors that are 14 nanometres in size.

According to Gizmodo, the smaller size has been made possible by using silicon-germanium rather than silicon when designing the chips.

This allows the transistors to work faster and use less power, whilst also allowing them to sit much closer on a chip.

The chips can be built into devices such as laptops and smartphones, however currently the chips haven’t been finalised and remain more of a research project.

The news expands on Moore’s Law, which was published by Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore, who predicted that processor speeds and processing power of computers would double every two years.

This news comes after Wimbledon revealed it will be experimenting with IBM’s Watson during the tennis championships this year.

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