The device can be worn by children over the age of four

LG’s GizmoPal GPS smartband for kids lets them call parents when lost

LG has released a wearable tech device for children called the GizmoPal.

The smartband contains a GPS tracker so parents can keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts. It also has a button that allows the wearer to make or receive calls from up to three pre-programmed numbers.

LG says the GizmoPal is designed to ‘withstand the playground’s most ambitious set of monkey bars’, and can be worn by children over the age of four.

The device links up with an iOS and Android app. Parents are able to pre-scheduled times by using a feature called ‘location check’ so they can soon find out if their child is where they should be.

The GizmoPal comes in pink and blue models and costs $80 (£51). It requires a Verizon contract to work, which will be around £3 a month.

There is no news yet as to whether LG will be bringing the GizmoPal smartband to the UK.

In other LG news, the firm has revealed that it is developing hexagonal batteries to help increase the battery life of smartwaches. Also, Exertis has revealed that it will now be exclusively distributing LG’s G4 smartphone in the UK.

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