91% of UK SMEs struggling to introduce new tech

As many as 4.6 million SMEs in the UK are struggling to introduce new technologies to their organisation.

According to new research by Solar Communications, 91 per cent of UK SMEs have admitted the problem, with one in three revealing they are facing issues with meeting the technology needs of the workforce.

Simplifying IT and operations is also a problem for 34 per cent of SMEs, with other IT-related issues including having to juggle multiple suppliers and having numerous points of contact for billing or support.

Looking at wider business issues, SMEs cited competitive advantage, reducing operating costs and managing a more mobile workforce as primary challenges.

More than half struggle with competing with larger organisations, and reducing operating costs is also a challenge for 45 per cent. Managing a more flexible and mobile workforce was a problem cited by 40 per cent of business decision makers.

“The research suggests that many UK SMEs are finding technology to be a challenge for their business, rather than a real enabler,” said Mark Colquhoun, CEO of Solar Communications.

“The increasingly complex nature of today’s technology environments is presenting issues to today’s SMEs, with multiple suppliers, technologies and points of contact to manage. A strategic partnership with a single supplier can deliver significant benefits, reducing administrative workloads to improve efficiency and business agility in order to create competitive advantage in the market.”

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