The distie has improved its in-store PC Builder tool

‘Selling bespoke PCs is a must for independent resellers’ – Target Components

Consumers will “always up-spec” says Target Components’ Scott Franklin, as distie revamps In-Store PC Builder…

Distributor Target Components says that by offering their customers a bespoke PC, resellers can take advantage of a greater margin opportunity by upselling add-ons and customisation options, without even having to build the desktop themselves.

The distie has improved its In-Store PC Builder tool (which allows retailers to choose parts for a custom PC, before Target builds it and ships it out to them). The service is now free to use, has seven trillion combinations and boasts an extended three-year warranty, plus an OS can be installed at the time of building.

The configurator can also be rebranded with the indie’s own logo and contact details.

“Selling bespoke PCs is a must for independent resellers,” says Target’s marketing executive Scott Franklin (pictured). “Selling unique systems bespoke to their customers’ exact requirements is a great way for indies to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their expertise, professionalism and customer care. On top of that, bespoke builds avoid direct price comparison and indies don’t need to carry stock.

“The added benefit is that consumers will always ‘up-spec’; average sell price of bespoke systems is over 50 per cent higher than off-the-shelf PCs. That’s why there are over 650 resellers using the In-Store PC Builder up and down the country, that’s why we think it’s so important for their business, and that’s why we’ve made it free to use.

“Contrary to reports of a dwindling desktop market, we’re experiencing a huge uplift in PC sales – 35 per cent year-on-year in fact.”

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