Fitbit shifted 200,000 units per week

Fitbit outsells Apple Watch

Activity tracker Fitbit is outselling the Apple Watch according to new figures from Slice Intelligence.

The company measures data and has revealed that before the 2014 holidays, none of the other well-known wearable device brands such as Jawbone or Garmin were selling more than 50,000 units per week.

But Fitbit saw an increase in sales, shifting more than 200,000 units per week.

Although many analysts and retailers believed the Apple Watch would see record sales, the Fitbit has managed to claw back some market share.

According to Bloomberg, the company says it sold 20.8 million devices between September 2009 and by the end of March 2015, 10.9 million of which the company sold in 2014.

However, the two devices differ in terms of price point and features. For example, the Fitbit has a starting price of £79.99, while the Apple Watch will cost users around £299.

Plus, each device comes with a range of different functions as the Apple Watch can make calls and store apps as well as act as an activity tracker, while the Fitbit is used solely as an activity tracker.

The Apple Watch has also only been available to purchase for a few months, which may indicate why sales are not as high.

This news comes after Apple topped pre-orders for its Apple Watch, receiving one million pre-orders for the device in April.

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