The new shape will give smartwatches four hours of extra battery life a day

LG developing hexagonal batteries for smartwatches

LG has revealed that it is building hexagonal batteries to help increase smartwatch battery life.

LG Chem, the chemicals arm of the firm, says the new shape will give four hours of extra battery life a day.

It’s believed these will be the first hexagonal batteries produced for smartwatches and they are expected to go in to mass production in 2015.

They will be sold to global smartphone manufacturers, and as well as the extra battery life, reports suggest that they will be able to offer vendors more design options for future wearable tech products.

As well as the hexagonal ones, LG is developing a number of other batteries, including an L-shaped one.

Last month LG unveiled a new detachable OLED display panel, which has the ability to stick to walls with a magnetic mat.

Measuring 0.97mm thick, 55-inches wide and weighing 1.9kg, the display is set to go in to production in Q3.

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