Lexus SLIDE uses liquid nitrogen to cool superconductors and features magnetic levitation

Lexus has made a real, smoking hoverboard – video

Car manufacturer Lexus has unveiled what it’s claiming is a real-life hoverboard called SLIDE.

As any avid Back to the Future fan will know, in Part 2, Marty McFly travelled from 1985 to 2015 on a hoverboard. In the lead up to the iconic year, everyone and their dog has been on the hunt for a way to recreate a floating skateboard.

Last year startup Arx Pax revealed a prototype for the Hendo, which generates a magnetic field, meaning it can hover above a sheet of metal. As well as only working when above metal, the other drawback is that the battery only lasts for seven minutes.

While the Hendo is still sorting out production after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lexus has somewhat outdone it with the incredibly stylish-looking SLIDE.

Thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen to cool superconductors, the hoverboard smokes while in use, making it look positively ‘sci-fi’. The SLIDE uses magnetic levitation in a similar way to the Hendo and features the iconic Lexus spindle grille signature shape.

The firm has released a teaser video, which really is a teaser – it barely shows the board in action. Thankfully, Lexus has promised that there will be regular updates in the coming weeks about the ‘real, rideable hoverboard’.

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