Team aims to qualify for the LCS

Overclockers enters LoL eSports league with new team

Etailer Overclockers UK has entered the League of Legends (LoL) eSports scene, with its first professional gaming team.

Sponsored by Cougar, Team Overclockers will be competing in the Challenger Series and other tournaments, with the aim to qualify for the LoL Championship Series. (LCS).

The player line-up includes Marek "Libik" Kregiel who is the team captain, Kuba "Kubon" Turewicz, Wojciech "Tabasko" Kruza, Rafal "TakeFun" Górniak, Pawel "Celaver" Koprianiuk and Fryderyk "Veggie" Koziol, the team’s coach.

Steve Ling, executive director for Overclockers UK, said: "We’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to support the eSports scene and by investing in our own team we can do just that."

Team Overclockers will work closely with team manger Michael "Michai" Schorr, who will support the team.

He added: “I started working as a Manager for League of Legends teams four years ago and thus had the pleasure to work together with some of the biggest organisations in eSports.

“This time I’m extremely honoured to introduce you to the first eSports Team under name of Overclockers UK."

Kuba "Kubon" Turewicz, member of Team Overclockers, stated: “Today I’m happy to announce that we have found a new home. We feel honoured that Overclockers UK has chosen us to be their first eSports Team.”

Overclockers discusses their gaming push in the video below:

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