Peter Hannah likes to finish the day with his wife and daughter

A day in the life of Peter Hannah, regional director UK, Ireland and Nordics, Netgear

Netgear’s regional director Peter Hannah tells PCR how his team is very competitve at work and why Postman Pat is so informative in the early hours…

My day starts when the alarm goes off at 6.15am and it’s a race to get out of bed, shower and shave before my daughter gets up. I always ensure we have breakfast and watch some TV together; I can catch up on the current affairs – Postman Pat is very informative. I then head towards the M3 for a commute that can take anything between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how the motorway wants to treat commuters that day.

I recently moved from a VAR sales director position to regional director UK, Ireland and Nordics, so my day can be quite varied. If I’m in the office, then my day usually starts with customer meetings. If I’m not in a meeting, my time is spent either on forecasting or strategy development. I’ll also spend time with the sales teams discussing project opportunities and how we can support our partners to grow their businesses.

When lunchtime arrives, I either eat at my desk or play squash with a colleague. We’re a very competitive team, whether it’s sports or business, and we have a dartboard in the office. A colleague proposed a table tennis challenge recently, too.

In the afternoon, I’ll analyse customer and market data, and discuss with colleagues the challenges we’re facing in the market so we can work together on addressing them. No matter how busy I am, I’ll always make sure I spend time to chat to everyone in the office because I think that’s important.

However, ultimately, the key focus of my day is ensuring we continue to grow Netgear’s business, whether that’s by increasing customer numbers, enhancing products or solutions, or exploring new opportunities in key markets, such as hospitality.

At the end of the day I try to spend at least half an hour with my daughter, either to put her to bed and read a bedtime story or give her a bath. Then, finally, dinner with my wife and a glass of red wine. If I do have any other free time outside of the working day, I’ll either be catching up on a series or watching a movie or some sports, such as golf, snooker or darts.

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