A warning will pop up on screen if a destination is closed

Google Maps can now tell you if a shop is open

Google Maps can now tell users if a shop or other public place they’re travelling to is closed upon arrival.

When users enter their desired location, a warning will pop up saying: “Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive.”

Maps will also inform you of the hours the place is normally open, as well as your estimated time of arrival.

According to Mashable, Google Maps did previously include some information about opening times, but this was buried a few layers deeper in the app.

But now with this handy tool, users will be able to determine whether their drive will get them to their destination in time.

This news comes after the first images of Google’s Nest camera were leaked online.

The device is reportedly the first product from Google’s acquisition of Dropcam, and may be able to stream images and videos in 1080p

PCR also took a tour around Google’s first store-within-a-store, where we checked out the Google Map portal and the Doodle Wall. 

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