Two thirds think that retailers should offer support in-store

Younger shoppers prefer physical stores when buying tech

Although the younger generation seems to be glued to their smartphones, younger shoppers prefer a physical store when buying goods.

According to analyst GfK’s Global Young Shopper survey, which surveyed shoppers aged 16-21 in ten markets around the world, an online store that had a physical store would benefit them when purchasing electronics.

In addition, the research showed that two thirds think that retailers should provide customer support in stores, even if they have bought online.

This means retailers should start to offer a fully integrated service, with products and information across all channels to pull in shoppers, so says GfK.

In seven of the 10 markets GfK surveyed, 16-21 year olds were more likely to shop in stores for mobile phones.

Shoppers revealed that they appreciate a visit to the store and being able to handle the product before a purchase.

GfK said in the report: “While they are completely at ease shopping on mobile phones and tablets, 16-21 year olds continue to value visiting a physical store, particularly when they are purchasing more expensive and higher engagement items.

“They also see a shop as the place to go for customer support, regardless of where an item was bought.”

Check out the inforgraphic from GfK’s report below. 

Image source: Shutterstock

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