Trade association first launched its skills certification program back in 1993

CompTIA reaches 2m certification milestone

IT trade association CompTIA has awarded more than two million certifications to individuals around the world.

CompTIA launched its skills certification program in 1993 with the introduction of CompTIA A+, originally designed as a standardised credential for computer repair technicians.

Responding to industry requests for other ‘vendor-neutral credentials’, CompTIA developed additional certifications for other technology skills – across networking, security, servers, Linux administration, project management, cloud computing, mobile technologies and more.

“This significant accomplishment attests to the relevance and value that our certifications continue to bring to the IT workforce,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO at CompTIA.

“People rely on our certifications to help them start and advance in their careers. Organisations count on CompTIA certified IT professionals to maximise their investments in technology solutions. Educational institutions and governments around the world use our certification standards to build an IT-ready workforce.

"Many people have helped us reach this milestone, starting with the CompTIA A+ originators and continuing with the subject matter experts who help keep our certifications current and relevant.

"We’re also grateful for the support of our academic, content, government and training partners; and the hundreds of thousands of IT professionals who use our certifications as a mark of skills mastery.”

IT certifications are growing in importance in the eyes of hiring managers and HR professionals, according to the findings of the March 2015 CompTIA study. 

Two thirds of HR executives surveyed said IT certifications are very valuable, while 94 per cent expect the importance of IT certifications to grow over the next two years.

CompTIA has four IT certification series. Visit for more info.

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