The device named 'June' will cost $1,495

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 powers new smart oven

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor has been used to power a range of tablets and PCs in the past, but now the chipset has made its way into a smart oven.

The June Intelligent Oven (yes, it’s called June) makes sure every dish is prepared to perfection thanks to the GPU, which can also make cooking decisions when in use.

The oven features a full-width window with an integrated touchscreen, plus a five-inch display to give the user control with its intuitive user interface.

Inside, the oven uses dual-surround convection technology and instant-on carbon fiber heating elements with enough space to cook a whole chicken, cookies or even a 12-pound turkey.

In addition, it features a HD camera that watches food while it cooks, allowing the oven to see whether the food needs longer to cook.

Nikhil Bhogal, CTO and co-founder of June, said via Nvidia’s blog: “We needed a lot of computational horsepower to achieve real-time computer vision.

“The Nvidia Tegra K1 and Jetson TK1 DevKit let us quickly prototype and develop a product that exceeded our expectations.”

A built-in scale can also weigh food to determine cooking times, while June also learns past preferences so your food is cooked the same way each time.

And if you are particularly concerned and what to check out how your brownies are cooking, June provides a streaming service to smartphones and tablets, so you can watch the tasty treats in action.

It is priced at $1,495 (£968) and users can reserve their June today on its website. We’ve reached out to Nvidia to see if retailers can stock the device.

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