HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is world?s first 10TB enterprise HDD

HGST has unveiled a new 10TB HDD designed specifically for the enterprise market

The firm claims that the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is the world’s first ever 10TB hard drive and sets a new standard in enabling the world’s densest server and storage systems with unprecedented TCO levels.

The HDD is a result of combining two complementary technologies – HGST’s second generation HelioSeal platform and shingled magnetic recording (SMR).

HGST recognises SMR as core technology necessary in driving areal density increases. By overlapping or ‘shingling’ the data tracks on top of each other, higher areal density can be achieved within the same physical footprint.

“We are in the era of data explosion, which has brought huge challenges to massive data management with increasing data storage costs and demand for instant access to all data,” said Yuan Yuan, vice president of Huawei IT Storage Product Line.

“Huawei is pleased to see the launch of HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10 with 10TB single drive capacity and its application in Huawei’s OceanStor storage system. Huawei will continue cooperating with its partners in innovative technology development and applications so as to help customers tackle various challenges posed by massive data management.”

Initial rollout of the 10TB HDD is focused on cloud and OEM storage customers who have the in-house capability to develop the software required.

You can visit www.hgst.com/10TBnow to see if your application or solution qualifies for the HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10 program.

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