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UK IT skills shortage could slow economy growth

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has released a new Workforce Survey, revealing that two-thirds of businesses believe computer literacy and IT knowledge are key skills when hiring new employees.

Unfortunately the research also revealed that a quarter of the firms surveyed believe there is a skills shortage in this area.

Charles Bligh, MD of TalkTalk Business commented on the report, stating: “The UK has the opportunity to become the world’s leading digital economy, but we need to make sure that our workforce has the right skills to capitalise on this.“

Bligh added: “With digital job growth expected to outperform all other sectors by 2020, it is critical that we equip the future workforce with the skills to succeed, but recent TalkTalk Business research has shown that 40 per cent of SMEs think the government needs to do more to strengthen schools leavers and graduates’ digital skills.”

The BCC has now created a plan to address these challenges in schools and colleges in a bid to help close the skills gap. It also wants to launch a commission to examine ways to boost the skills shortage, and provide career advice to children in primary schools.

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