The HDD features HelioSeal tech

HGST unveils 10TB HDD

HGST has announced a 10TB HDD, which could store over 400 movies.

Dubbed the HA10, it has been designed for enterprise use for cool-to-cold storage applications.

The new device comprises two technologies including HelioSeal technology and hostmanaged Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

HelioSeal allows the HDD to deliver the highest capacities whilst also lowing power and cooling requirements, and improving storage density.

All of this is packed into its 3.5-inch form factor, which can also run on Active Archive and cloud storage.

In a product summary the company stated: “By combining two foundational building blocks, HelioSeal and SMR, HGST is able to deliver unprecedented capacity points at an accelerated rate with very low TCO.”

According to Tech Radar Pro, customers won’t be able to actually get their hands on the device, instead it will be made available to select vendors and retailers, such as Google and Amazon.

The firm also revealed that all future HGST enterprise capacity HDDs will be built on the HelioSeal platform.

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