Patent suggests device will contain six cameras

Nvidia working on VR headset with built-in GPU?

Reports suggest Nvidia is working on its own virtual reality headset that includes a CPU, memory and graphics processor unit built-in.

The head-mounted display will apparently contains six cameras and two displays, one for each eye, according to a patent, as reported by Declassified

According to the patent, two of the cameras will point forward, two down and the other two left and right. 

The two pointing down will reportedly track user gestures, potentially meaning gamers will be able to move their arms to physically interact with their virtual environment.

A diagram shows that the device will also have its own CPU, memory, network adapter, and ‘parallel processing subsystem’ (or GPU).

A wireless adapter will also apparently allow the headset to stream games from a PC as well as Nvidia’s cloud-based GRID service. 

Nvidia showed off its GeForce VR Experience at Computex last week, where it also revealed the new 980 Ti GTX graphics card and confirmed G-Sync notebooks are on the way. However, there was an Oculus Rift headset on show on Nvidia’s stand – not its own device.

Check out the patent details below:

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