The IT Marketing Agency's Gemma Telford says partners are undervalued

‘Vendor and distie partner programs too cynical’

The IT Marketing Agency’s Gemma Telford says partners are undervalued – and many vendors and disties aren’t designing partner programmes with their audience in mind.

In a blog post, Telford said: "Over the years in the channel, I’ve heard all sorts of derogatory comments aimed at partners – ‘too busy to come to the vendor/disties’ events, don’t listen to webinars, don’t take up marketing programmes or funds… so ungrateful…’ it goes on and on. And do you know why? Because many vendors and disties are not designing their partner programmes with their audience, i.e. their partners, in mind.

"What never ceases to amaze me in the channel is how cynical people are about partners, how they undervalue them, complain about them and how marketing support seems to be dependent on jumping through hoops at every stage.

She added: "First, you probably have to sign up on some kind of partner portal. Register, set up three different types of security, set a complicated password you’ll only ever need in the future when you forget your logon details because you never go on the portal – and that’s all before you start.

"Then there will probably be some more hoop jumping about selecting what type of marketing support you want or can actually get. What happens here is one of two things: An agency you’ve never met before tells you exactly what you need to do but doesn’t help you do it. Or, you’re told to do it yourself.

"Don’t even get me started on the hoops you have to jump through on the return journey. ROI, POA, leads generated, business closed, revenue and profit targets…"

Telford goes on to run through five ways for disties and vendors to improve their partner programs.

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