Handbags at dawn? Pair get catty and duel over High Street

Fighting talk as Ebuyer attacks Overclockers over pop-up shop

It’s all getting a bit catty in the tech etail space as Ebuyer and Overclockers UK engage in a war of words.

Ebuyer has been vocal about its intentions to potentially open High Street stores, and trialled physical sales at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham in April.

Last week Overclockers UK told PCR it too was thinking of opening its own physical stores, following its partnership with HyperX’s pop-up shop, and had a little dig at its etail rival. 

"We are definitely considering our options, and unlike Ebuyer, we actually have a presence in Central London," said Miodrag Relic, business development director for Caseking group (which owns Overclockers).

Following the comment, Ebuyer has responded with a bit of a low blow.

Stuart Carlisle, MD of Ebuyer, told PCR: “From the industry data, we can see that Overclockers have lost a lot of market share to Scan over the last few months.

"It’s nice to see that they are responding with a new strategy.

"We wish them luck and will watch the situation closely.”

However, PCR understands OCUK is in fact growing year-on-year. We contacted OCUK, who refuted Ebuyer’s claims and rubbished the idea of it losing market share.

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