Classic PC strategy game is getting a new version - and consoles are nowhere to be seen

Xcom 2 will be exclusive to PC

Xcom 2 has been announced – the sequel to 2012’s popular strategy game Xcom: Enemy Unknown – and it will be exclusive to PC when it arrives in November.

IGN broke the news earlier today that Firaxis Games will be developing the title, which will be published by 2K.

The first Xcom game, UFO: Enemy Unknown, was launched in the early ’90s and become a cult hit thanks to its turn-based strategy combat gameplay. It spawned several sequels and expansion into the early 2000s.

The franchise was revived in 2012 with the release of Xcom: Enemy Unknown on both PCs, consoles and later mobile versions arrived.

This new version will boast fresh features, including new soldier classes, aliens, stealth-focused tactics and procedurally generated maps. 

And, later this week we’ll go in-depth with Solomon and DeAngelis on the reasons behind the bold move to take XCOM from a multiplatform series to a PC exclusive, and how XCOM 2 will be tailored to take advantage of that single platform’s strengths – followed by Firaxis’ exciting plans to support modders and their work.

You might notice a lack of gameplay video, but fear not: in two weeks, we’ll debut the first in-game footage of XCOM 2 on our IGN E3 Live Show.

It’ll certainly give system builders and graphics card vendors food for thought in the run-up to the peak period this year. In other PC gaming news, Microsoft has reacted to the rumours it will be bringing Xbox exclusive games to the PC.

There’s also a debut trailer you can check out below:

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