Competing products continue to pressure PC demand

PC shipments to decline further in 2015

PC shipments are expected to continue declining this year, according to analyst IDC.

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to dip by 6.2 per cent, which will be the fourth consecutive year PC shipments have fallen.

The market did pick up in mid-2014, thanks to the end of support for Windows XP, which has now been reduced as customers await the arrival of Windows 10, which IDC believes will cause a decline in PC shipments as the upgrade reduces the need for a new PC. 

IDC also says that the commercial segment is expected to evaluate the OS before deploying it, while new PCs will be replacement systems.

The analyst predicts that more customers will also prioritise spending on phones, tablets, and wearable devices.

Loren Loverde, VP for worldwide PC trackers at IDC, said: “Microsoft and PC vendors still need to convince users of the advantages of the new OS and new PCs, which will take some time.”

Competing products have also impacted on PC shipments, while unfavourable exchange rates have also affected PC sales.

Loverde added: "In addition to educating clients, they’ll face tough competition from other devices, and weak spending in many regions. As a result, we see PC shipments stabilizing in 2016, followed by limited growth for the next few years."

This news comes after IDC revealed PC shipments in EMEA have declined by 7.7 per cent

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