Bulldog has been designed as a solution for 4K gaming

Corsair’s first full PC is a DIY gaming box for the living room

Components and memory vendor Corsair has launched its first living room PC, which has been named the Bulldog.

A full ‘DIY’ PC has been packed into its box, which has been designed as a solution for 4K gaming within the living room.

Rivalling the likes of the Steam Machines from Valve, which are set to launch later this year, Bulldog is customisable and can run on various operating systems, from Windows to Linux.

The Bulldog comes with a mini-THX motherboard, a 600-watt power supply and a built-in liquid CPU cooler, all priced at $400 (£263).

Corsair product manager Dustin Sklavos, said via PC Gamer: “We’ve essentially created a small form-factor system liquid cooling solution, and it’s capable of cooling about 150 watts, which is definitely more than you’ll ever need in a mini-ITX form factor.

“That’s allowed us to overclock this system without increasing the noise profile.”

Corsair is also going to sell a $100 (£66) GPU liquid cooling DIY kit that will support Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Elsewhere, Dell’s gaming brand Alienware was due to launch with Valve’s SteamOS last year, but due to a delay in production Alienware decided to launch its own gaming machine early, powered by Windows.

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