The Change Organisation wants to reduce the amount of electrical waste sent to landfill sites

Can old PCs really be a decent revenue-driver?

The Change Organisation, UK distributor of computer hardware, has launched a new campaign to reduce the amount of electrical waste sent every year to landfill sites (currently some one million tonnes).

This figure is expected to double in the next 15 years, and is three times higher than the average growth of municipal waste, costing business millions of pounds each year in lost revenues and sometimes lost data.

In a bid to tackle this, the Change Organisation’s new scheme involves refurbishing and selling on old PCs on behalf of a reseller. If It’s not a viable option to refurbish the hardware, then the distie will offer its free recycling and net proceeds are passed back to the reseller.

In terms of how much money a reseller could make by recycling an old computer (or other IT hardware such as servers, storage and networking), it depends on the device’s age and specification.

PCR was told that in the very best of cases, for example with a two-year-old machine that features a good spec, the reseller could receive £75 to £100.

“Many companies will offer to dispose of old computer equipment free of charge and customers are frequently unaware that these may have a value which they can offset against a new purchase, or more importantly fail to realise that they own equipment which still has a useful life," said Ashley Sterland, Marketing Director for The Change Organisation.

“It is also important that organisations take every precaution to preserve historical data, which is why we work with companies and other organisations to ensure they are safeguarded and get the best return on their old equipment.” 

The company will also work with customers to secure data destruction, reclamation of materials and refurbishment of equipment to extend its useful life, where possible.

“In 90% of cases, equipment between three and five years old can realise a financial return,” added Sterland. “That’s why we hope business will support our campaign to refurbish and resell as much as possible of old or unwanted IT equipment; and only recycle when there’s no alternative.”

The Change Organisation guarantees that if any assets do not have sufficient value to generate a financial return, then any value in the equipment can be used to offset data destruction and any WEEE recycling charges.

Image source: The Change Organisation/Shutterstock

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