Google plans to improve its voice recognition tools

Google unveils new Android M OS, plus IoT OS and Apple Pay rival

Google has shown off a sneak peek of its new Android mobile OS, which had been dubbed Android M, plus it has unveiled an OS for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The Android M OS was showcased during the tech giant’s annual Google I/O Developer Conference, which will provide users with greater control over their privacy settings.

With the new OS, Google will also introduce its rival to Apple Pay called Android Pay.

Android M will allow users to use their fingerprints as an ID check for purchases made over the internet, where devices can be used instead of payment cards via Android Pay.

It is also expected to help extend the battery life of devices thanks to a new feature named Doze. It will cancel apps when they are not in use, helping to prolong battery life.

Google also unveiled an OS for the Internet of Things (IoT), which will be released later this year.

Project Brillo will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other Android devices, and will work in conjunction with a cross platform named Weave.

Weave will allow phones, IoT devices and the internet communicate together, which has been developed in partnership with Nest.

In an official Google blog post, Sundar Pichai, senior VP of products at Google, wrote: “As part of Brillo, we’re introducing a communications protocol (Weave) developed in partnership with Nest, a set of developer APIs, a core set of schemas and a certification program to ensure device and app interoperability.

“Although it will launch later this year, we previewed Brillo today because we’re committed to fostering a vibrant ecosystem in which we all work together to move the industry forward.”

Google also revealed its new app called Google Photos, which organises pictures and self-made movies, as well as plans to improve its voice recognition search tools.

In addition, apps on the new OS will ask to gain access to location, contacts, camera and more the first time they need to use such features, rather than when they are first installed.

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