British pets have damaged £358 million worth of devices

Pets (and their owners) are destroying their tech gadgets

Two new studies have found that Brits (as well as their pets) are destroying millions of pounds worth of tech devices.

Research from iMend has revealed that 40 per cent of Brits are using phones that are broken in some way.

It also revealed that 21.7 per cent are currently using a phone with a cracked screen and 16 per cent need a battery replacement.

Keir McConomy, founder of, said: “Although your phone may still be functioning, a cracked screen is susceptible to water ingression, which is why it is important to seek professional help to prevent irreversible damage as soon as a crack appears.”

Another recent study has found that our beloved pets are responsible for most of the damage to our tech gadgets.

According to SquareTrade, British pets have topped the league table damaging £358 million in hi-tech devices.

In the last five years Poodles, Alsatians, Burmese cats and British Bulldogs have proved to be the most troublesome, chewing their way through more than £1.5 billion worth of phones, tablets and laptops.

Kevin Gillan, European managing director for SquareTrade, added: “Pet owners are wasting extraordinary amounts of money on repairing phones, tablets and other handheld devices that have inadvertently become luxury doggy chews.”

SquareTrade reports that pets mistake their owners’ devices for chew toys, while those with both a cat and a dog in their household are 85 per cent more likely to have an accident involving a tech device.

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