“Although desktop security is still a pressing issue, we’re seeing the greatest change in the mobile security landscape.”

The benefits of educating your customers on mobile security

Kaspersky’s consumer sales director, Lee Sharrocks, warns of the dangers businesses face when not educating their customers on mobile security issues, and how resellers can benefit from additional security offerings.

The mobile workforce is constantly growing and shows no sign of slowing down as more employees than ever are using personal and company-owned mobile devices to connect to company servers, both inside and outside the office. This not only makes it difficult for businesses to monitor exactly what its employees are doing, but also heightens the issue of security.

The amount of malware on mobile devices is increasing and we have seen dramatic growth in the numbers in recent years. In the period from 2004-13 we analysed almost 200,000 mobile malware code samples. In 2014 alone we analysed a further 295,539 samples and 4,643,582 malicious installation packets. This growth in malware, combined with the increasing adoption of BYOD, means that organisations can no longer afford not to secure mobile devices. Mobile security is paramount, and with businesses increasingly thinking about these security issues, it’s vital that the channel is aware too.

One of our goals at Kaspersky Lab is to educate people about the increasing need to protect many devices – not just computers. Although desktop security is still a pressing issue – we’re seeing the greatest change in the mobile security landscape: and worryingly, the least understanding by consumers and businesses.

Read the rest of Sharrocks’ advice column over on our sister site, IT Channel Expert, to find out how adopting a more solution-orientated approach can benefit you.

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