Skylake will also support DDR3L memory

Intel Skylake processors ditch DDR3 in favour of DDR4

The integrated memory controller within Intel’s upcoming Skylake CPUs support different types of RAM, however its processors will not support DDR3.

The chips will power personal computers, desktops, laptops, hybrid two-in-one systems, tablets and other devices.

According to sources closer to the matter, the new Skylake CPUs in LGA1151 packaging for desktops will reportedly support DDR4 and DDR3L memory with 1.2V or 1.35V voltages, reports Kit Guru.

Skylake will also not support standard DDR3 memory with a 1.5V or 1.65V voltage.

This news comes after analyst Gartner revealed that the memory market is booming thanks to the growth in DRAM chips.

According to the analyst, semiconductor revenue totalled $340.3 billion in 2014, a 7.9 per cent increase from 2013.

In other Intel news, the chip maker has unveiled its 750 Series consumer SSDs, which feature NVM Express technology.

The company says the device can deliver four times the performance of traditional SATA-based SSDs.

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