“It’s all too easy for businesses to feel overwhelmed at new consumer devices penetrating the workplace,” says Good Technology’s Phil Barnett

Why companies must keep up with mobility innovations

Good Technology’s EMEA VP and general manager, Phil Barnett, discusses why it is important to keep pace with changes to mobile technology and how lagging behind can cause serious business security issues.

Mobility and high speed ubiquitous access has changed the speed and sources of innovation. Major mobile OS upgrades roll out annually. Apps grab our attention and just as quickly fade off our home screens. Most smartphones don’t last as long as our standard two-year contracts. 2015 is shaping up to be no exception, with a steady flow of app, smart device and wearable technology launches, including Apple’s range of smart watches.

But it’s not just consumer devices and software where innovation is abound; enterprise software, cloud technology and security threats are moving equally quickly.

What do all these advances in technology evolution have in common? They change how a company works. It’s all too easy for businesses to feel overwhelmed at the new technology coming to the market, or new consumer mobile devices penetrating the workplace. The challenge for businesses is how to keep pace, particularly with mobility innovations, especially as many are just starting their enterprise mobility journeys.

To keep up requires a complete shift of mentality when compared to traditional enterprise software, which has historically required a lengthy implementation process. After research, tendering, proof of concept, implementation, testing and rollout, months turn into years and the financial investment is significant.

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