Hutchins says the company's biggest challenge is managing growth

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Jeremy Hutchins from B2B e-commerce store buyITwise talks about balancing multiple brands, developing its managed services offering and the challenges of growing too fast…

What sets your company apart from others?

We are a new business start-up with a clear strategy to continue developing two distinct operating brands. BuyITwise is our B2B e-commerce store, which provides our clients with access to a vast range of products with rapid delivery performance. ManageITwise is our professional services (MSP) brand, which is a fully managed IT package that combines a ‘modular’ suite of services into a single, fixed-fee package. A range of bespoke project-based IT consultancy services are also offered.

What’s been your biggest growth area recently?

As we are at an embryonic stage in our development, our focus has been heavily placed on the buyITwise brand, as we believe that if we get our B2B e-commerce proposition and associated tactical marketing approach right, this will serve as a natural lead generation tool for our manageITwise service propositions. Therefore, this has been our biggest growth area to date.

The response that we have had from prospects has been overwhelming.

What are the issues you face with today’s market?

Being honest, our biggest challenge is not with the market, it’s with us. We see that our biggest challenge will be managing our growth. In our short life, we already have so many growth opportunities at our fingertips. The challenge for us is to remain diligent and focused by selecting the smart opportunities and by not going after every single opportunity that has been presented to us.

What do you have planned for the future?

Now that the buyITwise B2B e-commerce store is fully operational and actively trading, our primary focus will be on the continued development of our manageITwise professional services (MSP) brand.

What are the benefits of working with Synaxon? 

The relationship with Synaxon is fundamental to the success of our buyITwise brand. It has provided us with access to a range of business critical tools, provided a solid procurement platform for us to source and buy products at competitive rates and has helped us to develop a robust and reliable supply chain.

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