The keyboard is a part of an ad campaign in Germany

KFC builds Bluetooth keyboard to help customers avoid greasy smartphones

Have you ever struggled using your smartphone whilst devouring your favourite dish from fast food giant KFC?

Now chicken lovers no longer need to fret, as KFC has developed the Tray Typer, which pairs with smartphones via a Bluetooth connection.

The new keyboard is part of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain’s latest advertising campaign in Germany.

It allows users to continue using their smartphones without having to actually get their greasy fingers all over their device. Because, you know, you just have to keep using your smartphone while eating, right?

The keyboard is no thicker than the usual paper inserts used on KFC’s trays, and can also be reused and charged up via its USB port.

So far it seems the campaign has been popular, with each keyboard given to customers also taken home by them.

In a video by KFC, the company said: “We upgraded the ordinary paper tray with a keyboard that is durable, super thin, wireless and even rechargeable.

“Simply power it up, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth… so our fans can enjoy our finger-licking good food and use their smartphones at the same time.”

This is not the first computer accessory from KFC – the fast food chain previously launched a range of PC peripherals shaped to look like pieces of chicken.

The range included a mouse in the shape of a chicken drumstick and a keyboard.

You can check out the video for the ‘Finger Typing Good’ campaign below:

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