For the first time ever, every single AV receiver in vendor's range will be wireless

Yamaha announces wireless AV receivers and new HiFi

Yamaha has announced a new RX-V79 series AV receiver line-up for 2015.

These new AV Receivers feature Wireless, Bluetooth, HDCP 2.2 and CinemaDSP technology. 

Alongside this is anew A-S1100 HiFi Amplifier and a re-release of the CD-S1000 CD Player. The A-S1100 is a single-ended amp design.

Yamaha said in a statement: "For the first time ever, every single AV receiver in the range will be wireless. The RX-V379 features Bluetooth on board with Yamaha’s own compressed music enhancer built in.

"This new enhancer can restore the former glory of your music and allow you to enjoy everything from Bowie to Beethoven at the quality you should expect. Yamaha’s own unique DNA gives customer’s extra added value and this is just one aspect in a long list of great features Yamaha offers over the competition."

The RX-V479 and above feature Bluetooth and WiFi inside the box as well as a hard wired connection. Users can control their device with Yamaha’s own AV Controller app, which is free from the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Yamaha also commented on the HiFi Amplifier: "The A-S1100 sits within the range between the A-S700 and the A-S2100 amplifiers, offering great value for money for customers who want a smooth and natural sound from their HiFi, but cannot justify the cost of something higher up the range. The A-S1100 takes direction from the A-S2100 and A-S3000, aiming to reproduce awe inspiring audio without breaking the bank."

Yamaha was also featured on Northamber’s stand at PCR Boot Camp last week, with HiFi equipment and sound bars on show.

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