Distributor shows range off to trade at PCR Boot Camp 2015

Northamber signs Samsung TFT and curved monitor deal

Distributor Northamber has signed a deal with Samsung to supply its range of curved and TFT monitors into the UK market.

Northamber showed off the new Samsung display products yesterday for the first time at PCR Boot Camp, where delegates were able to check out a 790C 29-inch monitor with a wide 21:9 aspect ratio, priced at around £700.

There was also a PC gaming setup featuring a car steering wheel accessory and three curved screens (see image below).

The curved monitors are designed to provide a more comfortable and better quality viewing experience compared to flat screen LED monitors. 

Samsung says the products may also reduce eye and neck strain by reducing the range of visual movements made by the user – as you can view a curved display ‘at a more uniform distance’ from your seat. The height of the 790C displays can be adjusted to up to 100mm to match eye level.

It also says that curved displays are ideal for multitasking, with two different inputs on screen using Picture-by-Picture.

"The curvature of Samsung curved monitors is optimised to give the most immersive, panoramic viewing experience by minimising the average distance from the eyes to the centre and edges of the screen, providing an enhanced and natural 3D-like effect," said Samsung in a statement.

"Samsung’s LS34E790CNS/EN has the deepest monitor curvature on the market today."

The products feature 3000:1 static contrast ratio, a 178-degree wide viewing angle, a ‘game mode’ designed for PC gaming and 4ms RT/60Hz.

The range includes 23.6-inch and 27-inch 510C models for the individual user, 27-inch and 31-inch 590C models with speakers, and 29-inch and 34-inch 790C displays for professionals.

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