Big Builder Dual 3D printer is priced from £2,999.99

Exertis enters 3D print market with first device to print 2 materials through 1 nozzle

Distributor Exertis is now stocking the Big Builder Dual, the only printer in the world that can print two materials or colours through a single extruder nozzle.

It’s manufactured by Netherlands-based Builder 3D and is now available through Exertis priced from £2999.99. 

The addition of a 3D print offering is a new venture for the Exertis print team.

"It is one they are well equipped to manage, as the team has worked closely with Builder 3D and Dynamism Europe on training and preparation to ensure Exertis’ reseller partners receive the same high levels of technical knowledge and expertise that they have come to expect," the distributor said in a statement. 

Exertis says the 3D printer is expected to be popular in the business, consumer and education sectors. The Big Builder Dual’s entry to the UK market will also be supported by the 3D print knowledge of Dynamism Europe. 

Jamie Brothwell, Print General Manager at Exertis, commented: “3D print has been a market of interest to Exertis UK for some time. However, it was important that when selecting a 3D print partner we delivered a compelling proposition to the channel.

"We believe that in Builder 3D, backed by Dynamism Europe, we have that partner. Its experienced UK-based support team, the ability to print in dual colour and a range of printers means Builder 3D is the 3D print brand for us to back.”

Niels Hunck, Sales Manager at Builder 3D, said: “Following our successful visit to a UK print trade show, we have chosen to work with Dynamism Europe, for it has extensive knowledge, expertise and understanding of the UK 3D print market.”

Simon Thomas, Vice President of EU Operations at Dynamism Europe, added, “It is a fantastic time for Dynamism Europe to be able to partner with Builder 3D. Its leading technology combined with Dynamism Europe’s market expertise, will accelerate the development of 3D printing for UK consumers, educational institutions and businesses alike.”

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