IT channel director Steven Hastings discussed the latest developments in BYOD and the remote workplace

Why we don’t use meeting rooms anymore – Ricoh

Today at PCR Boot Camp, Steven Hastings, IT distribution channel director at Ricoh, looked at the future of the workplace, and how Ricoh has transformed its offices to accommodate employees. 

For example, he told attendees how Ricoh does not have a designated desk for employees and how the company no longer uses meeting rooms. 

Hastings said: "Our office has been transformed, we made things more flexible, so there’s no management offices, we have got zone allocated desks and nobody has there own desk. Anyone can work anywhere.

"We have stopped using meeting rooms, no matter where it is there are collaborative zones where people will have meetings with slightly dropped ceilings, so you can have a private conversation in a public place."

By making these changes, Hastings revealed that Ricoh has been able to develop and change as a vendor. 

"If we are a modern employer then we need to work in a slightly more modern way. It has allowed us to make the shift from a traditional product based vendor to a services-led provider," added Hastings. 

Ricoh has also grown as a print vendor within the UK, and has spread out to other countries within Europe. 

Hastings continued: "A few years ago we were a big copier company, with 3,000 plus employees, and the consequence of that are we grew to be the largest copier company worldwide." 

Hastings also previously revealed to PCR that Ricoh’s consumables revenue were up by around 25 per cent, while the distribution division has seen a 29 per cent increase in unit sales.

Plus, the printer vendor is also looking to increase its retail offering.

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