Rumours suggest notebooks could ship shortly

Nvidia to launch G-Sync powered laptops in next few months?

Nvidia is preparing to shortly launch a line of laptops with G-Sync anti-stutter technology built in, PCR understands.

The chip maker released its first G-Sync PC monitor last year and a host of display vendors have gone on to produce G-Sync models, including AOC, Acer, Asus and BenQ.

G-Sync works by synchronizing the monitor’s display refresh rates to a compatible Nvidia GeForce graphics card within the PC, eliminating screen tearing and minimising display stutter and input lag – making PC games smoother.

Rumours surfaced earlier this year suggesting Nvidia will be launching G-Sync laptops at some point, but several sources have now told PCR these could launch in the next few months.

With the Computex trade show taking place from June 2nd to 6th, it’s likely an announcement could be made then. 

Nvidia is also expected to announce a new graphics card at the show, potentially a GeForce 900-Series Ti model.

AMD, meanwhile, announced the specs of its new 300-Series graphics cards last week.

AMD also has its own alternative to G-Sync – FreeSync – and got into a war of words with Nvidia last year when it said its FreeSync monitors would be cheaper than Nvidia’s. Nvidia responded by saying it couldn’t comment on the pricing of products that ‘don’t yet exist’ (AMD eventually launched its first FreeSync monitor in March this year).

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