Broadband is apparently now more important than limbs, according to new research

1 in 3 would rather lose a finger than their broadband connection

Would you rather lose a finger or your broadband connection?

According to, one in three would rather lose one of their digits over their internet access.

The TV and mobile comparison site surveyed 2,500 UK residents about broadband, and when asked if they had to choose between one of their fingers or broadband connection, 29 per cent revealed that the internet was much more important.

25 per cent found the question too difficult to answer, and revealed that they couldn’t decide between the two. 46 per cent said their fingers were more important than broadband.

Joe Garner, CEO of BT Openreach, said: "People see [the internet] as vital to their day-to-day lives.

"Without the internet people feel socially isolated almost immediately. And that touches a very deep human need. We’re a social species."

Dan Howdle, editor-in-chief for, added: "What we’re doing there is substituting ‘broadband’ for ‘daily contact with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances’ – and in that context, the thought living with nine fingers is, by comparison, rather trivial to some."

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