Customer focus is at the heart of StarTech

A day in the life of: Anthony Tripyear, Regional Director, Northern Europe,

StarTech’s Anthony Tripyear tells PCR how he likes to put customers first and what he gets up to on his usual day at work…

To get the clichés out of the way early, one of the few constants in my working life is variation. Although my office is based at my home in London, I am part of a global organisation that spans many time zones. As such, I make a conscious effort to meet and interact with as many people as I can to maintain a ‘feel first’ hand for what is happening with our customers and within the business.

At, customer focus is at the heart of everything we do and informs our activity on a day-to-day basis. For that reason, I dedicate a great deal of time to speaking with customers.

However, the days that I do spend in the office tend to begin early at around 5am. has recently continued its international expansion in Japan and Australia, and I like to catch the news from those regions and the tail end of their day before the working day begins here in the UK.

I also like to get out and organize my thoughts before the day begins and, recently, this has meant that I’ve been found during this time at my local golf course, practicing for an hour as the sun rises in a vain effort to get myself into shape for competition season!

A few fortifying cups of coffee later and I will be at my desk, refreshed and fully available by 7am. Whenever I can, I like to divide my day into blocks of focus, using the mornings for those projects that require clear concentration and thinking, having caught up with my European teams early on.

Lunchtime will see my colleagues at our Canadian HQ in the ‘other’ London (Ontario) start their day, and I will always spend some time with them in one-on-one meetings.

As the day draws to a close, I will usually ask myself where the time has gone. I’m incredibly fortunate in that I’m privileged to work in a magnificent industry with wonderfully talented people as part of an amazing organisation, and as we all know; if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

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