A guide to securing your business data in the cloud

The digital world has changed the way in which businesses operate, with employees now creating and accessing documents in multiple locations and on multiple devices. With this increased flexibility comes the challenge of managing your company’s documents efficiently so that they can be stored safely and accessed easily; a cloud-based document archive and storage solution is the logical answer.

Protect vital documents

From minutes of meetings to copies of sales orders, and employee records to tax documents, all businesses can amass an alarmingly vast paperwork mountain in a short period of time. Many of these documents may contain confidential or sensitive information or may even have to be retained for legal purposes for many years, yet are easily destroyed by fire, flooding or theft. Storing these essential documents using a cloud-based storage system guarantees their safety and, with back-up and recovery options, makes them even more secure than an on-site document archive.

The documents you need, when you need them

A cloud-based document archive or storage system will improve the productivity of your company, a cost-effective feature of day-to-day business that most managers are keen to maximise. Endless wasted hours spent hunting for a specific document among hordes of others, or awaiting the transfer of paperwork from one department to another, are eradicated as instant access means documents can be retrieved in seconds on demand by members of the organisation (while different security levels can be set to ensure that only those who need to view sensitive information may do so). Furthermore, electronic signatures to approve or authorise a document can be added so that it needn’t be physically sent from person to person, saving time, increasing collaboration and maximising productivity.

Instant access, on the move

Increasingly, employees are now working on multiple sites and often require immediate access to important documentation when away from the office, such as while visiting a client or working from home. Storing documents in a cloud-based system enables files to be retrieved instantly from anywhere with an internet connection, reducing the need to make costly copies in advance and improving collaboration between employees who are working in different locations simultaneously.

A spacious, environmentally friendly office

With the increasing concerns about the long-term sustainability of Earth’s natural resources, cloud-based document storage eliminates the need for huge quantities of paper in the workplace, freeing up office space, reducing consumables such as photocopier toner and printer ink and saving money. With greater space in which to work, owing to not requiring bulky filing cabinets and shelving systems, your employees can enjoy a more relaxed, focused environment which may increase staff wellbeing and productivity in the process.

Cloud-based document storage has revolutionised the way in which businesses operate, meaning important documents can be accessed, shared, backed-up and archived in seconds. With productivity increased, wasted working hours eliminated and the security of your company’s files guaranteed, your business is certain to reap the rewards in both the immediate future and the long-term.

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