8Pack edition is price at £599.99

Nvidia 8Pack graphics cards arrive at Overclockers

Overclockers has announced the arrival of the first Nvidia GTX 980 8Pack graphics card. 

The KFA2 GeForce GTX 980 8Pack Edition features the same Maxwell architecture as its predecessors, but has been designed to pack high grade components for greater overclocking capabilities.

The new cards have also been designed by 8Pack in conjunction with KFA2, and feature a boost clock of at least 1440MHz.

As well as this, the card has a memory reaching over 2050MHz when overclocked.

It comes with a CUDA core of 2048, a HDMI and three Display ports, a fan boost button and a core clock rate of up to 1034HMz.

The 8Pack edition is now available from Overclockers, and is priced at £599.99.

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