Soon we will be using voice controls instead of keyboards, says Stuart Dommett, Intel's business IT evangelist

Which tech will be used in the workplace of the future?

Soon we will be using voice controls instead of keyboards, and the power adapter will become a thing of the past, says Intel’s business IT evangelist Stuart Dommett in this opinion piece.

The workplace of the future will not just change how employees use technology, but also how they work and interact with each other, aiming to make their lives both inside and outside the office much more fulfilling.

Generally speaking, the modern office is designed around how business departments operate rather than individuals. The issue here is that as individuals we all work differently, and restricting employees to blanket departmental process and culture can be detrimental to their productivity and creativity.

New technologies will enable us to create an office environment with no wires. The next-gen business processors also support Intel WiGig, which enables systems to automatically dock to monitors, keyboards, mice and USB accessories, removing the need to waste resources on traditional mechanical docks and the maze of wires employees currently have on and underneath their desks. 

In the very near future, we will see wireless charging enter the workplace, so even carrying a power adapter will become a thing of the past. 

So why are these technologies capable of transforming the workplace? The wireless workplace is not just about reducing cables and increasing system speeds. New technologies are leading us into an era of natural computing, where we are using voice control to input commands rather than keyboards and mouse clicking.

Gone are the days when leaving your desk involves removing your laptop from its dock, grabbing a charger, carrying it to your meeting, plugging it back in, typing your password in and waiting for it to reboot. Leaving your desk should not be a chore and the transformed workplace will ensure this is not the case.

This ongoing transformation of the workplace will continue over the coming years as technology advancements continue as well as changes in the workforce; with a workforce that has not only grown up with the latest in consumer technology but is actually shaping the use of that technology in the workplace.

Business organisation with IT at the forefront, but also HR, finance and especially facilities need to work together. They will be key in developing this modern workplace to make best use of technology, manage cultural change within the workforce and enable an environment that is not just in line with company goals, but also company culture.

About the author

Stuart Dommett is Intel’s business IT evangelist.

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