What we learnt about business security throughout April

April was all about security on IT Channel Expert. From data leaks and human errors to cyber attacks and security in schools, we covered the sector extensively with white papers, reports and opinions from the tech industry.

While it was no surprise to find out that security is an integral part of running a business in this day and age, over the past month a number of our contributors have discussed topics that may be brand new security issues to think about for some business owners.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to increase in popularity, and starts to seriously be considered for use in business, it was interesting to discover what security risks it will bring to the corporate world. As GfK’s James Simoniti points out in his opinion piece: “While in the home, an IoT error may simply lead to too many groceries being ordered by the smart fridge, there is much more at stake for businesses – from corporate data to human lives.”

As well as looking at what security risks are out there and what you should do about it, Ponemon pointed out how much malware containment can cost, revealing in its white paper that it costs organisations an average of $1.27 million annually in time wasted responding to erroneous or inaccurate malware alerts.

If you’ve missed any of our security articles over the past month, here are our top ten most popular pieces on the subject:

1. How SMEs can keep ahead of cyber attacks

Mav Turner • SolarWinds

2. What security risks does IoT bring to the corporate world?

James Simoniti • GfK

3. A file sharing buyer’s guide for corporate IT


4. 5 things you need to know about buying business security products

Matt Goulet • Globalscape

5. Why managed endpoint security is a must-have for MSPs


6. No matter how secure you think your network is, there’s no patch for humans

Mav Turner • SolarWinds

7. How cyber security will shape the Internet of Things

Richard Pharro • AMPG International

8. What you need to know about Ramnit malware


9. Microsoft Patch Tuesday insight: First vulnerability of 2015 with 10.0 CVSS

Robert Brown • Verismic

10. Think your UK business is prepared for a data breach? Think again


There are far too many great opinions and white papers to cover in this column, so if you’d like to look through all our security content, you can do so in our dedicated category.

Throughout May we will be focusing on mobile devices and remote working. If you have an opinion, some advice, a case study, report or white paper that may be relevant, get in touch at lbarnes@nbmedia.com.

Laura Barnes,


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